December 04, 2013

Where to Buy Large Christmas Trees Near Mercer County

With Christmas only a few week away, it's time to break out the Christmas decorations and start looking for the perfect Christmas tree for your home.

While each tree is green, has needles and reminds people of the holiday season, not every Christmas tree is the same.

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree? If so, you're in luck because we are going to help you pick the best Christmas tree for your home. With a little knowledge and a good eye, you'll have the most gorgeous tree just in time for Christmas!

The top seven trees most commonly used as Christmas trees in Mercer County are blue spruce, Fraser fir, Norway spruce, Douglas fir, white pine, Serbian spruce and balsam fir. But which of these trees is best for you? All have pros and cons, so we compiled a short overview of each tree.

1) Blue Spruce

This type of tree is used as Christmas trees or as ornamentals. These trees often reach a height of 65-115 feet at maturity with a diameter of 2-3 feet. The blue spruce is a narrow, pyramid shaped tree with great needle retention when watered properly and can support the heaviest of ornaments. Although the blue spruce does not have much of a pine smell, it is still one of the most popular Christmas trees to have in your home.

2) Fraser Fir

The Fraser fir is one of the most popular trees used as Christmas trees. This tree has a blue-colored hue and its needles are flattened with a dark green coloring on the upper surface of the needles and a lighter coloring on the lower surface. The needles are firm, shed less and last longer. The Fraser fir has strong branches and are stiff enough to hold ornaments. Although thinner than other trees, it does not have a strong pine smell, but it is one of the most beautiful trees after it is decorated for Christmas.


3) Norway Spruce

The Norway spruce is renowned for being the type of tree used at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. It's most commonly used for decoration, but should be purchased a week or two before December 25 because it does not hold its needles well. The needles are four-sided, 1-inch long and sharp at the tip. To avoid fallen needles, water regularly and make sure the tree is freshly cut. This tree is a dark green to emerald color with strong branches to hold heavy ornaments. Although its needles may fall if not taken care of properly, its pine smell is long lasting and reminds us of the crisp and wintery season ahead.

4) Douglas Fir

This type of tree grows from 70 to 250 feet tall and is fatter and bushier than all the other types of trees common in Mercer County. The branches spread and drop, the buds are sharply pointed and the bark is very thick, ridged and rough. The Douglas fir is a rich green or blue-green color with soft needles. The tree has a strong pine scent and is likely to last the entire Christmas season. Because the Douglas fir is bushy and large, heavy ornaments and tons of lights are supported all season.

5) White Pine

The largest pine in the United States is the white pine. Its needles are soft and flexible and vary from a rich blue-green to silver-green in color. The tree has a subtle pine smell and its branches are very flexible for Christmas lights. With excellent needle retention, the white pine is perfect for heavy ornaments. Because the white pine is known for its appearance, you can't go wrong with this tree this holiday season!

6) Serbian Spruce

The Serbian spruce is one of the most beautiful luxurious spruces. It is a more slender-sized tree that has short drooping branches. No other spruce grows or remains as narrow. It is blue-green to silver in color, and its needles are flat and short, only about half an inch long. Its branches are stiff enough for heavy ornaments, decorations and Christmas lights. The Serbian spruce makes for a very attractive Christmas tree even though the needle retention is average.

7) Balsam Fir

The balsam fir is known for its attractive shape and its sticky resin and is one of the most popular Christmas trees of all time. Its needles are soft and when watered properly, lasts a long time. The balsam fir is a deep green and has the strong pine smell we associate with Christmas. Although some balsam firs may have weak branches that can not hold heavy ornaments, it is still one of the prettiest trees to have decorated around Christmas time.

Where to Buy Large Christmas Trees in Mercer County?

Now that we've established what the top seven Christmas trees are, and you've decided on what kind of tree you'd like to put in your home, the next step is to find the right place where you can find the tree you're looking for.

It can be difficult finding a big Christmas tree for your home. You don't want to get an undersized tree that will make your family room look bare and cold. Instead, you want to find an appropriately sized Christmas tree that will help ensure a warm and cozy atmosphere to help get you through the cold months ahead. Here are the top five places in central NJ that sell big Christmas trees that will be perfect for your Mercer County home!

1) McLaughlin Tree Farm - Robbinsville, New Jersey

The McLaughlin Tree Farm, located in Robbinsville, New Jersey, has more than 100 trees to choose from ranging between 10-21 feet tall. McLaughlin carries many types of trees including: Douglas fir, Serbian spruce, Norway spruce, white pine, Scotch pine, blue spruce and many other types of trees. The trees are cut by the growers for retail, or you can choose and cut your very own tree from the farm. It also has its very own Christmas shop including holiday decorations such as ornaments, Christmas tree stands, wreaths, garland, holly and greens. Santa also stops in on the weekends! It's a great family experience you'll love!

2) Bear Swamp Tree Farm - Trenton, New Jersey

The Bear Swamp Tree Farm, located in Trenton, New Jersey, is your go to destination this holiday season! It has more than 1,000 trees to choose from, and you can even cut down your tree of choice. Bear Swamp carries four types of trees during the Christmas time: Douglas fir, white pine, Norway spruce and blue spruce. Its trees range between 8-15 feet tall. Calling ahead is required for trees taller than 8 feet. It also has holiday decorations such as garland, holly and wreaths. It's the perfect place to get all your holiday decorations including the perfect Christmas tree.

3) Pleasant Valley Tree Farm - Titusville, New Jersey

Located in Titusville, New Jersey, Pleasant Valley Tree Farm, has more than 250 trees to choose from. The trees are either pre-cut or personally cut by the customer. Pleasant Valley carries six types of trees: blue spruce, Norway spruce, white pine, balsam fir, Douglas fir and concolor fir. It has a large selection of Christmas trees taller than 10 feet. Holiday decorations are available, and it is handicapped accessible. You can't go wrong at Pleasant Valley Tree Farm!

4) McCliman's Family Christmas Tree Farm - Jamestown, Pennsylvania

McCliman's Family Christmas Tree Farm, located in Jamestown, Pennsylvania, has everything you need to make this a very Merry Christmas. McCliman's carries two types of trees: Fraser fir and blue spruce. All trees are previously shaken to remove any loose needles, and you can cut your own tree if you want wish. It also has holiday decorations such as wreaths, garland, holly and greens. It's a great place for you and your family to go to enjoy this festive holiday!

5) Oasis Garden Center - Lawrenceville, New Jersey

With Christmas only a few weeks away, stop by at Oasis Garden Center, located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Oasis carries four types of trees perfect for this holiday season: Fraser fir, Douglas fir, concolor fir and blue spruce. The trees range between 3-15 feet high and are pre-cut by the growers for retail. Oasis Garden Center has an assortment of holiday decorations including wreaths, poinsettias, grave blankets, pine roping, garland and even freshly baked dessert trays. It's the perfect place to fill your belly, but to also find that perfect large Christmas tree!